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The other day at Mercy houses storage facility in Anaheim, talking to Jackie D. About shelters vs Campgrounds for the people already camping by the trail and the riverbed.

Posted by Lou Noble on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shelters vs. campgrounds; Lou Noble talks with Jackie D.

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Meet Nancy West

I am a homeowner and I also know what it's like to be homeless. This is my opportunity to help with the homeless issue in my community (and beyond).

The Problem

- Some homeless are resistant to the current system of help
- Homeless in neighborhoods, parks, riverbed, RR tracks, flood channels, etc.

The Solution (concept stage)

- Low cost outdoor living
- "Service resistant" friendly (i.e. dogs allowed, no curfew, etc.)
- Homeless off the streets, riverbed, railroad tracks, parks, etc.

Service Offering (concept stage)

From the outside the facility looks great and inside as well. Offering includes:
- Tent space
- Bathrooms
- Showers
- Laundry facility
- Storage space
- Service area (i.e. medical services, religious services/outreach, food delivery, etc.)

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